Welcome to the Tennessee Web Filing - Automated Fuel Tax System

With the Tennessee Web Filing you can file monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports online.

Currently Tennessee supports the following tax reports and associated schedules:

Distributor PET-350—Monthly
Refund—Government PET-357—Monthly/Annual
Blender PET-368—Monthly
Terminal Operator PET-372—Monthly
Transporter PET-373—Monthly
Annual Terminal Operator PET-374—Annual
Refund—Wholesaler PET-375—Variable
Exporter PET-377—Monthly

Registered users can sign in with a User Name and Password provided by the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Registration Information

If you have not received your registration form that has been sent to you, please contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue at (615) 532-5694 to request a new registration form.

  • Department of Revenue
  • 500 Deaderick Street
  • Andrew Jackson Building
  • Nashville, TN 37242
  • (615) 253-0600
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